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Donnie Mingus isn't your typical company president.

When asked about his role at Team Construction, Donnie pointed outside the building and said, without hesitation, "Those are the guys that run the company."

If you press Donnie on it, he did have something to do with the success of Team Construction.  From digging supervising hiring knowledgeable, safety-first foreman, his own 25+ years of experience have helped Team Construction become the gas and utilities contractor of choice in the areas they serve.  But the truth is, success begins at ground level.

Or in Team Construction's case, below it.

The foundation of the company starts in the trenches, where they put their backs into their work - literally - every day.

Digging ditches and laying pipe for utility companies, private contractors and developers isn't a glamorous or often appreciated job.  It is a job that requires preparation, commitment to job safety, and good old-fashioned hard work.  And that's what makes Team Construction a star player in the league of gas and utility contractors.

Safety. Service. Experience.

These are the primary ingredients that go into any Team Construction project, and they apply to the smallest or largest jobs.  If, as the saying goes, "Experience is the best teacher," then Team Construction, with well over 125 man years of experience, would have earned its pipe-laying Ph.D. many times over.

Working safely means taking time - ahead of time - to

  • Know the safety manual backwards and forwards. Put into practice valuable tips from Team's weekly "Tool Box Talks."
  • Be prepared for impromptu on-site inspections by Team's Safety Inspector.
  • Attend safety training classes so that everyone is current on OSHA guidelines.
  • Be accountable - and rewarded - through Team's Safety Contest.

That's what it means to be Team Construction.  It's about Safety, Service, Experience.  And about the employees.  Because, after all, those are the guys that run the company.


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